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Our Services

We strive to help empower your indpendence

Household Tasks

Our qualified and experienced staff can assist you in a range of household tasks that include meal preparation, general cleaning, kitchen duties, laundry and daily chores

Daily Activities

Our specialised approach aims to enhance flexibility, movement, mobility, and supports these activities in home or in a space you’re comfortable with.

Group Activities

We believe that engaging in community programs, social activities, and skill building adds vital benefits to everyday living.

Life Stages

Transitions can be hard, especially for people with limited mobility. This category provides support services that can help guide people through the various phases of their life.


When it comes to finding the best short-term or NDIS respite accommodation in Melbourne, Aplus Disability is the place to go.

Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists can provide services under the NDIS to improve your Health and Wellbeing.

Support Coordination

Our dedicated and loyal support coordination team is committed to working with you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Specialist Positive Behaivour Support

We are firm believers that every person should have a say in their daily needs, the ability to participate in activities and hobbies that bring fulfilment, all while maintaining choice and control in their life.

Innovative Community Participation

Aplus Disability see’s Innovative Community Participation as a vital pillar in NDIS programs, as it facilitates greater health and satisfaction outcomes.